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Monday 4th September is an INSET day

Term 1 begins on Tuesday 5th September

Term 1 ends on Friday 20th October


Welcome back to what we all hope will be another fantastic year at Guestling! We have a theme for the year of ‘We are Warriors!’ that has been chosen to help the children with their learning challenges in lessons and to be the focus of special days and weeks across the year. We launched this year with a dress-up day for the staff (to inspire the children) and a week of ‘Unique me’ activities, based on our Warrior code and learning powers:
Warriors train hard
Warriors are resilient
Eco-warriors look after our world
www.warriors – wisdom, willingness and wonder


All parents and carers are welcome to join us for our Harvest Festival on Thursday 28th September at 9.00am in the hall. Space will be limited so please bear this in mind. Please bring any harvest donations to the hall on the morning. We are always amazed and delighted to see such a wonderful harvest display. The produce will then be auctioned at St Laurence Church with the funds going to Farm Africa and remaining produce going to help the Seaview Project in St Leonards.


You and your family are welcome to join us at our Community Outdoor Learning and Gardening Day on Saturday 7th October from 10.00am - 2.00pm where you will be able to take part in a range of outdoor learning activities. More details to follow.


This will take place on Wednesday 11th October at 6pm. If you are interested in joining the PTA, either as a committee member or on an ad-hoc basis, please come along – we would love to see you!


Thanks to everyone who came along to our first meeting of the year to find out about the ‘We are Warriors!’ theme and our School Development Plan priorities for the year ahead. Find out more on our Parent & Carer Forum page.


This year we will be focusing on 5 main School Development Priorities:
1) All pupils will be challenged and move on to more difficult work as appropriate, especially in Maths
2) Review and improve spelling strategies
3) Deepen writing experiences in RE
4) Broaden the curriculum with effective outdoor learning experiences
5) Pupils rarely miss a day at school
We have also worked with a range of stakeholders on our Home-School Agreement. You can read this by clicking on the document below.


Education Futures Trust are shortly running a course specifically for parents and carers of children with Autism, which will be hosted by Sacred Heart School. The course will take place weekly from 22nd Sept – 6th Oct, 9am – 12.15pm. There is no charge but participants must attend all sessions. Call 01424 722241 or email office@educationfuturestrust.org to reserve a place. You can read a flyer below with further information.


Due to severe allergies we ask that children do not bring oranges or anything similar e.g. satsumas, mandarins, to school - even peeled ones now. Thanks for your support with this.


Thanks to everyone who have been making a real effort to improve the smartness of our school uniform across the school. We will now be focusing on ensuring that socks or tights are plain black, blue, grey or white.

Please remember that we also ask that hairbands and bows are small and not multi-coloured and that nail varnish is not worn to school. Thanks again for your cooperation. The School Uniform policy can be seen below.


We are pleased to inform you that at our recent OFSTED inspection, the school continues to be GOOD and safeguarding is effective. Thanks to all pupils, staff, Governors and parents/ carers for your support and hard work in achieving this excellent grading for our school. You can read the report on our Ofsted page.


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